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Botik Technologies LLC ([1] or [2]) is a telecommunications company and Internet service provider located in Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia. The company designs and develops a variety of hardware and software solutions for metropolitan and rural area networks.

Botik Tools [3] is a free software package developed by Botik Technologies entirely in Tcl/Tk. It is used primarily by the subscribers of the Botik network in Pereslavl. The development of the Botik Tools package was initiated by prof. Sergei Abramov [4] in November 2002 (see dev. history: [5],[6]). The package contains the following software:

  • Botik Tester -- An application for testing of stability and quality of network connection. Its aim is to assist end-users in determining the delivered quality of their network connections by sending a report of testing results to the provider.
  • Botik Key -- Network access control system. It helps to prevent the subscribers from IP address spoofing. It permits to set network access modes - no access, local (LAN) access or full access to all network services provided.
  • Botik Look -- A network traffic analyzer application. It helps the Botik subscribers to gather network traffic statistics and find the most expensive activities.
  • Botik Map -- An application for displaying the city map and Botik network map. It is a virtually editable Pereslavl-Zalessky map which is able to display the Botik network state in real time (including situations such as when there is a network fault or cable break).