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What: HelpSystem
Where: http://midc.miem.edu.ru/HelpSystem/
Description: Allows useful interactive help documentation to be embedded into your Tcl/Tk application. Can be used as a stand-alone application or as an extension. Written in pure Tcl/Tk. Shows hypertext help based on HTML.
Currently at version 1.5 .
Updated: 05/2002
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Andrei A. Gratchev)

The "HelpSystem" embeds useful interactive help (documentation) into your Tcl/Tk application (or maybe, other source languages).

The "HelpSystem" may be used as stand-alone application or as part of your program (as a library). It is written in 100% pure Tcl/Tk and can be used on any platform and any OS that supports Tcl/Tk.

Main features of "HelpSystem":

  • shows hypertext help based on HTML
  • auto-creates index of topics (for .help files)
  • can auto-create contents and index of topics (for .html files)
  • saves history of displayed topics
  • interactive display
  • can be embedded into an existing, or opened in a separate window

and more...

Also, the "HelpSystem" can be used as simple HTML viewer (for local files).

Screenshots: , more [1]

To download the latest version please visit http://midc.miem.edu.ru/HelpSystem/

Andrei Gratchev

TLu 2007.02.08 Little patch (helpsystem 1.5) to correct display help files encoded in UTF-8:
    >  fconfigure $fname -encoding utf-8

Siqsuruq - 2013-09-26 22:24:53

I have slightly modified version of this package so it works with ttk, I can mail it if somebody interested.