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"A little hypertext system" - with an improved version in htext.



Steve Landers has begun using a Wikit for a hypertext help system. To learn more, start up a copy of a current (empty) wikit and look at its Adding Help to Scripted Documents page.

Keith Vetter's SpiroGraph embeds a "nicely done" (according to David Welton) "simple dialog for help".

See the iwidgets hyperhelp widget: hyperhelp

Some people have balloon help (tooltips) in mind as the canonical help model.

RamDebugger has a help system based in tkhtml where the help is included as html files in a directory tree. Supports full search.

How to Define Hooks for Context Sensitive Help

Would Notebook be a good basis for a Tk help system?

Christian Werner's winhelp [1] simplifies interaction between Tk applications and the native Windows help system infrastructure.

Kevin Walzer's tclAppleHelp extension provides a hook to load HTML files into Apple's built-in help system from Tcl programs.


The GRIDPLUS2 text widget [2] is a simple way to create hyperlink/help text. See [3] for an example application.

A Minimal Hypertext Help System

TkWebView has a procedure that defines a simple help viewer.

WISH User Help is the world's simplest hypertext help system (as far as the author knows, anyway).