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this is an EOT char, sometimes rendered as ^D

Duoas I suppose that's why it appears so often with the letters Q.E.D. at the end of mathematical proofs? ;->

AMG: From context I gather that Q.E.D. is Latin for "so what". slebetman No, QED is Latin for "'nuff said".

Duoas Er, its a joke... Mathematicians end proofs with quod erat demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated). Oft times in both text books and when writing by hand they will also use the little square... which this page proclaims to be the 'end of transmission' character. Having proved that which he said he would prove, no more verbiage is necessary, and he stops speaking.

DKF: I thought that '∎' was used to mark QED.

slebetman: Where I'm from # is used to mark QED.

AMG: The title of this page doesn't show up in my browser, which makes it very hard to link to. In fact, nothing links to it, so I wonder where it came from. It would be interesting if the references page had the ability to list not only current references but historical references... hmm!