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Purpose: to outline and prioritize features and functionality that developers or users find missing in Tk.

Missing Features edit

Critical Missing Features

Insert items here which are so needed in Tk that until the feature is present, the toolkit isn't suitable for use in your particular problem domain. If you have a lot of description, background, etc. drop in a Wikit or URI pointer to a separate location.

Important Missing Features

Items inserted here will add to Tk features which are needed to resolve major development or support issues.

Useful Missing Features

Items inserted here improve Tk in significant ways.

HJG 2007-05-27 - The placement of labels for scale-widgets is a bit inflexible: "For vertical scales the label is displayed just to the right of the top end of the scale. For horizontal scales the label is displayed just above the left end of the scale." It would be nice if the label could also be placed above/below/left/right/centered.

  • Tk is too ugly on *nix platforms. Tile is just a marginal improvement, and not as easy to use as Tk. DKF: If Tile is just a marginal improvement, then that's got to be because you've not yet tried a good theme with it. We'd love some better themes for Unix platforms. Also, how is Tile harder to use than Tk? Assuming you're not trying to tweak everything, that is...

ZB 2012-10-15

  • A real scrolled frame - instead of canvas workaround
  • Ability to load canvas background image (to avoid creation of large image, just pretending to be background)
  • "Cargo" option for every widget (TIP #349)

AMG: See "A scrolled frame" for a non-canvas scrolled frame using [place].

Googie 2012-10-15

  • Native MDI workspace widget

See also: What feature or functionality is missing in Tcl (some of which might actually be mis-filed things that really belong on this page...)