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Universal Description, Discovery and Integration [1] is another WS protocol, like SOAP. It's rather narrowly targeted at e-commerce, and of correspondingly little technical interest.

Anyone know of any Tcl related work in this area? [ CL answers: yes. I have a 0.01 implementation of the client retrieval API that's tied up in contractual confusion. I can make copies available to individuals.]

[054] - SOAP UDDI 0.3
  by Tarun Upadhyay (http://freshmeat.net/users/utarun/)
  Sunday, December 16th 2001 15:28

Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: HTTP Servers

About: SOAP UDDI is a reference implementation of the UDDI specification. With this UDDI Registry, Web services developers can publish and test their applications in a secure, private environment for their own applications. UDDI Registry supports multiple users in various department- or company- wide scenarios. It also supports the 20 SOAP- based APIs defined by version one of the UDDI specifications, and it provides persistence for published entities through a relational database. A GUI client application is included that supports publishing and querying of businesses, services, and other UDDI-compliant entities without programming.

Changes: This release has correct handling of the xml:lang attribute in the description (the database was redesigned for this), correct handling of config files, replication functionality (strictly alpha), and some JSP pages to browse the repository. The operator name goes into a config file.

License: The Apache License


Interesting historical perspective: "UDDI: Straw Man or Ugly Duckling?" [2]. CL's never had the patience to explain "at an executive level" why UDDI's such a loser, yet might still be valuable.