Updated 2018-08-14 14:24:00 by pooryorick
fileutil::magic::cfront [1]
Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files
fileutil::magic::cgen [2]
Generator core for compiler of magic(5) files
fileutil::magic::filetype [3]
Procedures implementing file-type recognition
fileutil::magic::mimetype [4]
This command has been removed and its features incorporated into fileutil::magic::filetype.
fileutil::magic::rt [5]
Runtime core for file type recognition engines written in pure Tcl

[replace this comment with more details on this tcllib module]

The module and its packages are a Tcllib'ification of CMcC's mime type recognition in pure tcl.

Have a look at tmag for an extension that is using libmagic directly.

Nicko: A simple command line tool and portable library to identify popular file types. Compiles as a command-line program or loadable Tcl module.