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Tcl Tools for the Office provides information about tools, interfaces, etc. designed to assist in general office activities.

Consider adding Tcl examples from other common areas of common office automation include word processing, printing of reports/banners/certificates, workflow, time card tracking, etc.

See Also  edit

Content Managment System.
Enterprise Resource Planning.

Accounting  edit

WISH Checkbook

Calculators  edit

A Money Package
handle money without floating point
A bc-like calculator
A fancier little calculator
a little calculator
a small calculator
calculator (Booth)
HP Calculator Simulations
programmable rpn calculator
stack-based calculator
tclsh as a powerful calculator

File Manager  edit

See file manager

File Utility  edit

A grep-like utility
Today - add a subfolder like yy_mmdd

Password Manager  edit

Password Gorilla
Written in pure Tcl.

Project Management  edit

Reminders  edit


Task Managers  edit


Task Timers  edit

Task Timer

Presentations  edit

See presentation program.

Publishing  edit

Photo Album, by Keith Vetter