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Even if they don't advertise it, most web hosts usually do have some version of Tcl installed. On this page, hosts that have received positive reviews from members of the Tcl community are prioritized. All links on this page as of 2014-03-15 have been verified not dead and still relevant.

Choosing a Web Host  edit

Gerald Lester has written, "I find it important to be able to build my own shell and extensions -- the hosting service may not have the combination that you like or stay up to (or back on) the version you want or need."

Occassionally, hosting can be found simply by searching on google with 'mod_dtcl hosting' or similar queries.

Try Googling for linux virtual private server hosting or linux uml virtual server hosting.

FW: Hmm... can we spin this discussion into "how to choose a good Web host"? When I see "we have a Control Panel", I read: "we provide the means for newbies to manage everything more easily". But when I see a Control Panel and no SSH, I read: "we have clearly defined the limits of what you can do and expect you to have a lot of patience clicking things and waiting for them to (re)load in every single tiny goddamn change". Oh, and your browser had better be compatible with our control panel too...

A host that won't let users have SSH is most often afraid of what users can do with it. In other words, they acknowledge that they are not competent enough to run such service and maintain a good security level at the same time.

Resources  edit

Free Shell Accounts
a large list of providers of free shell accounts
Tcl Hosting
a list of web hosting sites that offer Tcl

linode  edit

DRH: FWIW, I keep http://www.sqlite.org/ and http://tkhtml.tcl.tk/ and several other websites on a single user-mode-linux virtual machine, packaged and sold by http://www.linode.com/. The service has been good for a couple of years now. I run CGI scripts using whatever version of TCL I want (currently 8.4.something).

CMcC seconds that. This very wiki runs on a linode, and I'd thoroughly recommend them.

stevel thirds that - another happy Linode customer

peterc fourths that. Recently signed up (July 2010) and I'm very impressed so far.

icdsoft  edit

[Doug] 2008-01-29 2009-01-29 2014-03-14: I've used icdsoft.com for the past seven years. They have a very responsive tech support staff. In March 2014 they installed Tcl 8.6 (they keep Tcl 8.4 as well). (As of Jan 2009 they were running Tcl 8.4 & 8.3) [1]

webfaction:  edit

PYK: I've used icdsoft.com for years, and their support is second to none, but I've recently been using webfaction more because they provide an innovative layer of abstraction where each website is composed of multiple domains and applications. Each application typically gets its own instance of Apache httpd, Nginx, or any other needed program. They've been rock solid for the few years I've been using them. Their support, while not bad, is not as responsive as icdsoft, but because they give me more control, including my own Apache instance, I haven't needed to interact with them very much. They only provide Tcl 8.4, so be prepared to bring your own.

phpwebhosting  edit

LES They're good because they are cheap and you get everything you will ever find in other hosts' packages and no ridiculous limits, like half a dozen POP3 boxes. They even let me edit my .qmail file, which is too precious a feature to me. The only thing you don't get much is support and I do have problems once in a while. Anyway, they run Tcl 8.3.

rootr.net  edit

LES Another one to the list: rootr.net The whole thing sounds a bit too good to be true, but anyway...

LES 2005-04-18: that's been more than one year since I mentioned rootr.net here. I have been hosting my main site with them since then and I can say it is very good. OpenBSD, everything is very well kept and organized. Support is good too. They run some rather old version of Tcl, but also provide full SSH access and let me install my own Tcl and extensions in my home directory. The only bad thing is that their server is in Hong Kong. That makes e-mail and SSH considerably slow. But it still is a very good and *extremely* affordable host.

Inet-Interactif  edit

provides the RIVET Apache module enabled on its server from 2004-03-31. Experience on this provider is good overall and prices are amenable to non profit uses and high end as well.

PolarHome  edit

PolarHome is a non-commercial, educative effort for popularization of shell-enabled operating systems and Internet services, offering shell accounts mail and other online services on all available systems (currently on Linux, OpenVMS, Solaris, AIX, QNX, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD).

Here's a little sqlite database served with tclkit that Eric Amundsen has hosted there.

OLM.net  edit

Todd Coram: has a Tcl 8.0 tclsh (although they advertise 7.6). They have been a pretty decent (and cheap) web host for me.

DeepWoods Software  edit

Operated by Robert Heller

neusteps  edit

neuSteps provides B.Serve Virtual Private Server (VPS). B.Serve VPS, comes with the industry leading hosting automation software, HSPComplete, that lets you manage your web site more efficiently and brings together the best of both worlds; the control of a dedicated server and the affordability of shared hosting.

Here in neuSteps, we use Tcl for our clients as well. With B.Serve VPS, you can easily stay in control of your application environment; your choice of application environment will not affect other clients and vice versa. Unlike shared hosting, an upgrade in environment will result in all sites (or clients) having the same environment or application upgrade.

jumpline  edit

previously known by various names, including hostingrails.com

aplus  edit

nearlyfreespeech  edit

currently running Tcl 8.5.9

Pricing model is pay-only-for-actual-usage

RLH: nearlyfreespeach a very low (couple of dollars) startup cost if you are just wanting to learn to use Tcl in a web context.

SiteGround  edit

Outshine Soutions  edit

data center locations

supports Tcl 8.4.17

webhostingbuzz  edit

webhostingjack  edit

currently supports Tcl 8.4.18

interactiveonline  edit

connweb  edit

Host Europe  edit

Currently supporting Tcl 8.6.2

MilesWeb  edit

MilesWeb is India's premium web hosting company. MilesWeb provides with the perfect hosting platforms for personal, business and mission critical websites. MilesWeb features domain name, shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificates, CMS hosting etc.

HostSoch  edit

HostSoch is one of the best Domain name registration and web hosting providers in India offering reliable & affordable Business Web Hosting solutions for medium small & start up business. We provide high-speed, responsive, fully-featured domains and hosting services at an affordable price. HostSoch services include domain name, shared hosting, reseller hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificates, CMS hosting etc.

ZNetLive  edit

ZNetLive, founded in 2001 and headquartered at Jaipur, is a leading web hosting service provider and an ICANN accredited domain registrar having a customer base in over 125 countries. It's a reliable web hosting provider company which is superior in fulfilling all kind of web hosting, from shared web hosting to cloud hosting.

RoseHosting  edit

RoseHosting.com has been providing top notch hosting services to thousands of customers around the world since 2001. Among other things we offer virtual servers, both SSD and non-SSD, hosted on high quality hardware.

EukHost  edit

Eukhost Ltd. is one of the most reputable brands in the UK since 2001. Eukhost offers a variety of web hosting solutions ie. Shared (Linux/Windows) hosting, VPS, Reseller Hosting, Sem-Dedicated, Dedicated Hosting and more importantly the very new Cloud Hosting solutions at affordable prices.

Hiox India  edit

one of the leading web hosting provider that offers quality and affordable web hosting. The Webspace plans Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, Java Hosting, Reseller Hosting and cheap domain registration.

BrainPulse  edit

BrainPulse is a premium Web Hosting company, which providing quality web hosting services for Linux and Windows platforms. we offer Web hosting India , cheap Website hosting India, Professional web hosting services India ,Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, Linux hosting, Reseller web hosting India.

Unic Host  edit

UnicHost Web Solutions is one of the best quality web hosting provider since 2002. UnicHost offers comprehensive list of Webspace packages including Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Java Hosting, Reseller Hosting and cloud hosting.

Dynamis  edit

Tom 2004-04-2: Neosoft was bought out by Internet America but dynamis.net [2] is still hosting NeoWebScript sites, in fact they're advertising it on the radio this week right along with PHP.

Dynamis of Houston offers Neowebscript web hosting for server-side TCL, and even offers secure (SSL) Neowebscript forms hosting with online credit card processing. They appear to have several customers already running the online portions of their major bricks-and-mortar operations on their service, all based on Neowebscript (server-side TCL) scripting:

Ipower  edit

davidw 2005-04-15: Jim McNamara reports that ipowerweb.com supports Rivet on their servers.

FW: I heartily recommend iPowerWeb to anyone who needs a personal host; the standard package (around $8/mo) has 700MB diskspace and 40GB transfer. On a very decent connection, too. Excellent support, everything.

Jacob Levy  edit

Jacob Levy 2003-03-19: I offer shell and web access to a CoLo box. I've got Apache and tclHTTPd and AOLserver running already. You can run your own servers.

Contact [email protected] for details.

Hurricane Electric  edit

The great earth mother of all web-hosting companies, does Tcl:

JJM 2009-09-02: Talked to one of the admins at Hurricane Electric and confirmed that they have Tcl 8.4.16 on their latest servers.

Here is a trivial tclsh cgi I just whipped up as proof of concept.

Oops! Looks like I need to talk to them about that...

Okay, I talked to Michael Bernardo at he.net, and he says that since all users get a shell account, they can compile their own tcl right there in their home directory and go to town!

zill.net  edit

Offers AOLserver as part of their OpenACS offering, which is TCL 8.3.2 based.

1&1 Germany  edit

Apoto  edit

Apoto is one of the famous hosting provider that provide every kind of hosting solutions including email hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller web hosting on Linux and window platform

Hostway  edit

is another good one

Interland  edit

HostForWeb  edit

eglueweb  edit

precisium.com  edit

Located in Australia: Version offered is 8.5+ (so I guess even 8.6) and they seem keen on SQLite as well.
"We use Tcl/Tk extensively in our own systems and have considerable experience debugging and resolving Tcl issues. Because we are enthusiastic about Tcl/Tk as a development platform, we continually upgrade our Tcl interpreters to very recent versions." -- Precisium Tcl Page

Евробайт  edit

Tcl 8.5 as CGI

Allows almost any content. Go Russia!

Koding  edit

"Koding is an online development environment with the goal of simplifying worldwide development and providing free computation and development to everyone. It does this by offering Free VMs for development to anyone."

See Also  edit

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