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Seeker is a small [CASE tool] that uses sequence diagrams based on UML to support learning about OO design. The tool is language independent, and is designed to be highly usable and responsive. Although initially designed for use in team design situations, it is also directly useful in teaching about OO design, as a device for interactive presentation. Moreover, when used interactively, the tool seems to offer some of the same advantages of walkthroughs themselves, suggesting that such lightweight tools could have a role in the design process itself.

Available at: http://www.mcs.vuw.ac.nz/research/design1/Seeker/

ARR: The link above works, but on that page sub links to files or docs are invalid. I can't find seeker files or docs. Anyone out there who has a working copy or link?

Googling for the title delivers

which still has the PDF and gzipped PS.

UKo 2006-09-20: To use it with a recent installation of Iwidgets, you have to change the startup script Seeker.tcl:
 + # automatically loads Itcl and Itk
 ! # package require Iwidgets 3.0
 + package require Iwidgets
 + namespace import itcl::class