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Zorgan is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Linux. It requires TclX 7.5 / TkX 4.1 or more.

Kinds of information

  • Book: a collection of records, each record having one or more fields. Useful to manage a lot of data of the same kind.
  • Todo list: a list of things to do with states completed, not completed and aborted.
  • Task list: a list of tasks with date range when it should be done.
  • Budget: make a sum of items with associated amounts.
  • Notes: a place where to write any text.
  • Planner: each hour, day and month may have notes. Presented day by day, one month at a time or a full year calendar.

Useful and practical uses

  • Address book
  • Rolodex
  • Buy list
  • Birthday indicators
  • List of expenses
  • And much more !

All the information may be exported in ASCII or HTML format in order to be viewed in any text editor, printed or even put on the web.

Available at: [1]