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I am Sérgio Loureiro, the sergiol from tkchat and freenode's tcl channel.


  • To add UDP sockets to the core. i am beginning my experimentations for that;
  • To create a windowframe widget for MDI interfaces;
  • To collaborate with danielk1977 for adding javascript to tkhtml control;
  • To make the radiobuttons have a selectbackgroundcolor in optionadd command;
  • Girls :P ... and so many more.

I started the wiki page of slogan for people to give some suggestions.

Page on Ubuntu.

(2016-12-18) Just did the TASTE keyboard code golf on http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/103033/a-keyboard-so-real-you-can-almost-taste-it/103544#103544

Tried to reduce code size having a over the top

for shortening builtin function calls as one-letters, but code became longer! GRRRR...

I welcome any person to improve it the live collaboration on http://rextester.com/live/TXXTC91739 and tell it on my answer's comments.

<LAM 20-12-2016>

What about this?:
regsub -all {[^\n|]} [set b [string map {|||| |||  $ "BS   " % "TAB  " & "CAPS  " ? "ENTER" * "SHIFT   "} [regsub -all {(\S)} "`1234567890-=$\n%QWERTYUIOP\[\]\\\n&ASDFGHJKL;'?\n*ZXCVBNM,./*" {||\1 ||}]]] _ f
set h [string map {\\ _ / _ | \ } [set g [string map {||_ |/_  _|| _\\|} [string map {||| \\|/} $f]]]]
foreach j {h b f g} { set $j "[split [set $j] \n]" }
foreach  x $h y $b z $f w $g {puts "$x\n$y\n$z\n$w" }