Updated 2006-01-31 17:21:00 by MS

(refers to Mel's Internet Toolkit)

httpd.conf file must have the following for the demo to work:

  1. ServerRoot "c:/RedOlive/apache/apache2" (this is where your apache is installed)
  2. DocumentRoot "c:/RedOlive/dev/app/Docmgr/doc" (if you have placed the 'RedOlive' folder on the root of the 'C' drive)
  3. ErrorLog /tmp/Docmgr-error.log (Server error logs)
  4. CustomLog /tmp/Docmgr-access.log common (Server access logs )


  1. ScriptAlias /bin/ "c:/RedOlive/dev/app/Docmgr/bin/"
  2. Alias /images/ "c:/RedOlive/dev/app/Docmgr/img/"
  3. Alias /tk/ "c:/RedOlive/dev/tk/"