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What stream
Where https://github.com/lawrencewoodman/stream_tcl
Description A Tcl module providing streams. The implementation is based on streams in SICP with the functions operating on them inspired by those in [Racket].
Requirements Tcl 8.5+
License MIT
Updated 2015-06-15

Example  edit

The following example comes from the project's README.
package require stream

proc naturals {{start 0}} {
  set nextNum [expr {$start + 1}]
  stream create $start [list naturals $nextNum]

namespace import ::tcl::mathop::+

proc addThousand {num} {
  expr {$num + 1000}

proc isEven {num} {
  expr {$num % 2 == 0}

set thousands [stream map addThousand [naturals]]
set evenThousands [stream select isEven $thousands]
set tenThousands [stream take 10 $evenThousands]
set sum [stream foldl + 0 $tenThousands]
puts "sum: $sum"

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