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Ro 2005-11-29

No access to usenet, but I see a question about getting uptime in windows.

Use ffidl to hook into win32 api.
  ffidl::callout dll_GetTickCount {} long [ffidl::symbol kernel32.dll GetTickCount]

  (main) 2 % dll_GetTickCount
  (main) 3 % dll_GetTickCount

The way I do platform specific stuff in win32 is I search for VB (Visual Basic) people who have the same question I have, then I port their win32 calls to ffidl.

From MSDN:

GetTickCount returns the number of milliseconds since Windows started, and it resets to zero (0) if Windows is run continuously for approximately 49 days.


APN 2006-07-04 Using TWAPI, get_system_uptime [1] also provides this information.
set uptimeSeconds [get_system_uptime]