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A table is a data layout that presents data as rows and columns. Well suited to human interpretation, tables have been in use for thousands of years to visually represent data. The earliest-known tables date back to the fourth millenium B.C., and are among the earliest known examples of writing.

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Displaying tables
a layout manager based on the table concept.
A "dictionary" or "matrix" is used when referring to a data structure that holds tabular data and look up by key value.
Multicolumn listbox
used when referring to layout multi-dimensional data in tabular way.
nested list
an implementation of Relational Algebra

Resources  edit

Exploring the Origins of Tables for Information Visualization ,Francis T. Marchese ,2011
The Origins of Writing, the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

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2001-02-23: So, where is the code from RS that was used to pretty-printing a list of lists?

PYK 2014-01-01: It was moved to dictionary.

tbmerge: This program treats tables in a database like manner, allowing to determine which of the fields/rows are present in either both or only one of the processed text files, and which of the cells common to both have different values, also including the possibility to do numerical comparison of cell values. Compared tables can be merged together using several possible methods.