Updated 2007-12-17 14:14:55 by LV

An interactive IDE for Tcl development including a german Tcl tutorial with 300+ examples/lessons.
 Platform: Win32 (the 'Lerndateien'/examples are available as a zip file)
 Where: http://tcl-coach.de/downloads/
 License: Freeware
 Language: German only
 Contact: Dominic Ernst / Günther Schmidt-Falck , [email protected]

US In order to try it, I just downloaded it (Linux version). tar stops unpacking it due to an error. From the listing I got so far I could see, that it contains .dll's for tktable and tkhtml. They will certainly not work under Linux.

-> DE The archive of the Linux version is now fixed! You can Download it here: http://tcl-coach.de/downloads/