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What: uDraw(Graph)

Where: http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/uDrawGraph/en/home.html

Description: Drawing graphs without the right tool is simply difficult. uDraw(Graph) automates this task for you. uDraw(Graph) creates your flow charts, diagrams, hierarchies or structure visualizations using automatic layout - much faster than with any standard drawing program. With the API, uDraw(Graph) can even be embedded in your own programs as a visualization component.

Version 3.1.1 of uDraw(Graph) is available for download! Versions for LINUX® (Intel®), Sun® Solaris® (SPARC®/Intel®), FreeBSD (Intel®), Windows® and for the first time Apple® Mac OS® X 10.3

Tcl/Tk is a programming language that is used by uDraw(Graph) for the realization of the user interface. uDraw(Graph) offers a Tcl/Tk interpreter that is accessible by the API. This interface can be used by application programmers to create their own application specific windows. The uDraw(Graph) Tcl/Tk interface is able to execute any Tcl/Tk 8.4 script in the same way as a "wish shell" (i.e. Tcl/Tk execution environment) can do.

Updated: 3/29/2005

Contact: [email protected]

PWQ This used to be known as daVinci. It is not open source.

SEH According to the web site, this package is designed as an open source successor to daVinci. The license appears to be a hybrid of LGPL and Mozilla license.