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Stream Control Transmission Protocol is designed to transport Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) signalling messages over IP networks. but is capable of broader applications.

Reference  edit

SCTP Project page, by Thomas Dreibholz
SCTP website
Stream Control Transmission Protocol, Wikipedia
SCTP, Network Sorcery

Documentation  edit

RFC 4960, Stream Control Transmission Protocol, 2007-09
SCTP for Beginners
Introduction to Stream Control Transmission Protocol, Jan Newmarch, 2007-09-01
Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Associations, Jan Newmarch, 2007-10-01

Description  edit

SCTP is an alternative to TCP or UDP.

Two important facts about SCTP:

  • it's designed to transport PSTN (conventional telephony) over IP; and
  • the third (that is, the posthumous) edition of Unix Network Programming, by Richard Stevens, covers it.

The big question for Tclers is whether Tcl deserves an SCTP-savvy extension. Is ceptcl a good location?