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A.K.A. PL.

He started his programming career in the 1980s at Volvo Komponenter (currently Volvo Powertrain) where he used AUTOLisp and Turbo Pascal, and later (pre-ANSI) C. He stayed with C and C++ for many years (eventually teaching those languages in secondary school) before a brief but passionate fling with various scripting languages, notably Perl. After working far too hard for too many years, the almost effortless nature of Tcl programming came as a great relief, but unfortunately he couldn't find a way to go professional with Tcl, so it petered out. In 2013, he found himself working with data extraction/presentation and light systems development, mostly using IBM Cognos Report Studio and VBA for Excel/Access. Fortunately, he was able to persuade management to allow him to use Tcl to create tools to simplify this work.

Since he became interested in Tcl, he has been active on this wiki. In 2015 he found he could no longer tolerate the editing policies which he strongly believed were degrading the content. Unable to change the policies, he decided to leave. On leaving, he deleted some of the pages that seemed to be interesting mostly to himself, but left others that might still be of general interest.

As usual, clicking on this page's title brings up a list of pages that reference this page, i.e. where his full name is mentioned. Among those is the Tcl'ers list for obvious reasons, but apart from that it's usually either pages he started or made really significant contributions to, or in at least one case a page where he was mentioned by full name and didn't want to edit someone else's words. On pages where he makes a less important edit (maybe just a comment) he normally uses the PL alias, so they will be listed here.

Mail: [email protected]

He's on StackOverflow as well, using the nick Hoodiecrow, which he also uses on TV Tropes.