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Peter Newman 17 January 2005 --------------------- Unified Programming Language

Tcl has its core - and UPL will have a kernel.

And although core and kernel sound like two different names for the same thing - the Tcl core and UPL kernel are quite different animals.

The Tcl Core

To me (as a script level Tcl programmer), the Tcl core is the script-level Tcl data types and commands, etc. - the parts of Tcl that the script-level programmer sees.

But it's apparent from the discussion on these UPL pages, that many if not most people think of the Tcl core as the complete Tcl source code that resides on the sourceforge CVS.

You can probably throw in the key concepts/ideas suggested by John Osterhout too; "everything is a string"; "each line is a command, followed by zero or more arguments" (if I've expressed that right), etc, etc.

So quite obviously, the core is really all of these things.

The UPL Kernel

The UPL kernel can be described is a number of different ways:-

In the spirit of "the cathedral and the bazaar", perhaps it would be interesting if you were to provide a working version of this - maybe with many features still not there, and only able to a minimal subset of your goals, but something that runs.