Updated 2005-01-10 22:51:53

Peter Newman 8 January 2005 ------------------------ Unified Programming Language

The "Bootstrap Interpreter" is a small program - typically a small C executable - that understands little more than:-

  • The module command (described in UPL: The Bootstrap File,
  • #, for commenting out un-wanted modules, and perhaps;
  • A save command - so that the script-level programmer to save the loaded modules to a binary file - so as to get their own personal tclsh/wish.

But once that 'interpreter' proper has been created (and whether saved to disk or not), the programmer can then carry on to load their application - scripted in whatever combination of programming languages interpreters they loaded.

LV Sounds like what other people refer to as core functionality ...

Peter Newman Yeah you're right. Also I suppose the API between different components can be be considered part of the core too. But note that NO scripting language data types or functions/commands are part of the core. That's the important thing.

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