Updated 2012-09-27 10:48:02 by LkpPo

AK: From the header this seems to be a direct copy of the Impress drawing tool, right ? Just renamed ? Does this mean that weeDraw is now a fork of it ?

It is and no, I didn't intend a fork. Actually, I clean forgot to check that Impress was still active and probably should have just put a pointer to it rather than posting the code. Especially since it required no mods to run under weewm.

AK: What is Impress's license ? The official Impress homepage seems to be http://www.ntlug.org/~ccox/impress/ . Please also note the Wiki page here for same, i.e. ImPress. JSB In the Readme file inside the tar ball it states GPL. Other things inside have other types. It's a mixed bag, so Tkpaint may be a better choice since it's just GPL with no addons.

See Impress. Or Tkpaint. Your choice. =)