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The various MySQL bindings for Tcl:
includes a MySQL driver that as of Tcl-8.6 is part of the core distribution
SQL Relay
seems to be most complete and current
mysql binding (Klaren)
mysql binding (Smith)
link to site broken, last update mentioned of 04/1999
which supports MySQL and many other databases in a relatively db-independent fashion.
a native mysql driver for the nsdbi interface. (also supports embedded mysql)
Tcl Database Connectivity

Ancient History  edit

What: stk-mysql
Where: ftp://cliffs.ucsd.edu/pub/terry/stk-mysql.tar.gz
Description: Library of STk functions for accessing MySQL databases.
Updated: 07/1999
Contact: [email protected]ffs.ucsd.edu

  • tcl-gdbi, the Tcl Generic Database Interface

What: myintcl
Where: http://sourceforge.jp/projects/myintcl/
Description: A pure-Tcl implementation of MySQL interface
Updated: 11/2006
Contact: See web site