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tv Why ? (sort of proving my point I guess) (after another day): Hello? Can I get a decent answer to my question ? I put a lot of work in this site, too, I'd like to be taken serious, as I'm sure you are, too.

RHS I don't know who deleted it, but you can always go to the revisions section to grab what you had there, if you feel it should not have been deleted.

24nov04 jcw - I did. Theo, the text on this page was completely off topic for a wiki about Tcl (when I asked around, several more people tended to agree). And as several Tcler's have done in the past, the usual procedure in such a case is to remove the text.

It's all still in the history of course: see http://mini.net/tclrevs/13035.1

ZLM - I had enjoyed Theo's page tremendously. Is it off topic? Maybe, I could not understand it fully. It was about tools and the things we do with them. I thought about myself and why I use tcl and how I'm happy when a put together some hackish little tcl script and why my friends always ask "why don't you do that in Java / .NET". Sometimes I think that if I did not have this pipe wrench I could learn other tools ; there must be a lot of fun stuff besides tcl out there. Anyway, this morning when I read this page as I was drinking my first cup of tea it made me smile and it made me think for a while , maybe because I was not grasping what Theo was talking about (is tcl the the silver coloured pipe wrench or the socket wrenches?), but for a while I was thinking about this as I looked at the trucks on the highway right next to this office building. Then I started Visual Studio .NET and began working.

RS: We're coming closer to the topic of this Wiki... I sometimes call Tcl "the little language that could" :^)

Ro: TV is not your average bear. The text he has written is full of jewels of wisdom, the kind that can only be understood if you're very much on crack cocaine and you've imbibed 3/4 of a liter of vodka before noon. I for one VOTE YES! for the re-examination of the worthiness and the re-instatement of the valuable letters of man not well known, nor well understood. Tcl FOR THE PEOPLE, PEOPLE!