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Summary  edit

A Tk widget that is part of The Cheshire II Project


Description  edit

LV so it appears that by map, you mean a graphical display of geographic data (i.e. GIS.

TR - The map widget itself is inside the Chesire II package at ftp://cheshire.berkeley.edu/pub/cheshire/cheshire2.v2.35.tar.gz This package also contains geodata that may be interesting for Geographic mapping the Tcl way or other GIS projects. For example, there is a file cities1 containing information in the form
{GERMANY} {Berlin} {3060000} {13.4 52.51666}
{USA} {Chicago} {3010000} {-87.6166 41.8833}
{SOUTH AFRICA} {Cape Town} {860000} {18.41666 -33.91666}