Updated 2004-11-08 15:46:43 by lwv

Not sure how to classify the following behaviour (maybe it is just my misunderstanding).
 Url_PrefixInstall /     [list Handler::Root {}]
 Url_PrefixInstall /abc  [list Handler::Root abc]
 Url_PrefixInstall /xyz/ [list Handler::Root xyz]

 proc Handler::Root {directory sock suffix} {
   Httpd_ReturnData $sock "text/plain" "Root got [list $directory $sock $suffix]"

I got:
 http://localhost/            -> Root got {} sock10 {}
 http://localhost/zxcvb/12345 -> Root got {} sock10 zxcvb/12345
 http://localhost/abc/qwerty  -> Root got abc sock10 /qwerty
 http://localhost/xyz/asdfg   -> Root got {} sock10 xyz/asdfg

I expected, for the last case, 'Root got xyz sock10 asdfg'.

Category tclhttpd