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For years now, Scotty has rarely been maintained. However, it was so superior in, say, 2000, that it still remains popular and is widely used in even commercial, "mission-critical" applications. Perhaps its most palpable deterioration is in source and binary repositories, which seem monotonically to be falling away. CL no longer can easily find downloadable 3.0. I favor 3.0, even though Juergen calls it "alpha"; that simply reflects Juergen's high standards. For my part, I find it more useful and reliable than anything from the 2.x series.

In any case, when I need 3.0 sources, I use anonymous CVS, as Jürgen's page [1] describes it (use password "anoncvs"):
    cvs -d ":pserver:[email protected]:/anoncvs" login
    cvs -d ":pserver:[email protected]:/anoncvs" checkout scotty

CLN - Well, in 2005 (14 Nov 2005, to be exact), those links give:
   # cvs -d ":pserver:[email protected]:/anoncvs" login
   Logging in to :pserver:[email protected]:2401/anoncvs
   CVS password:
   Unknown host anoncvs.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de.

I'm told Scotty has moved to Subversion:
   juergen switched to svn, so please use:

     svn co  https://subversion.eecs.iu-bremen.de/svn/schoenw/src/scotty

   taken from:


I had placed my last snapshot from 26 may 2005 at http://home.foni.net/~kuttersegeln/scotty_20050526cvs.tgz UK

See also "Scotty in 2003"