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Purpose: list MacOS specific Tcl commands and extensions

  • A grabbag of Tcl commands for MacOS can be found at [1], including a way to allow all QuickTime image formats to be used with image photo, read access to the MacOS desktop database, hooks for RealBasic to be able to call Tcl, etc.
  • AppleScript comes bundled with Tcl core (the package is names Tclapplescript)
  • MacGoodies
  • MacSpeech
  • [MacTcl extension building sample (Kaempf)]
  • [MacTcl extension building sample (Roseman)]
  • [Open Scripting Architecture (Apple) Extension (Darley)]
  • [Open Scripting Architecture (Apple) Extension (Louch)]
  • OpTcl
  • [PortBox]
  • QuickTimeTcl
  • resource comes bundled with Tcl core
  • [Tcladbio]
  • tclAE send and process Apple Events with Tcl
  • [TclPrint]
  • [Tree Table for the Mac]
  • useless tcl extension to demo building extensions on Mac
  • Miscellaneous MacTcl extensions can be found at ftp://www.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/mac/ .
  • [ottest]

Add your favorite MacOS specific extension. If the extension runs on more than one OS, add it to the Extensions for Tcl and Tk page.

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