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This page provides information about the location of Tcllib.

Heads-up! Tcllib is in a state of transition right now, spread over multiple places.

The official home is http://core.tcl.tk/tcllib/ . You can download the latest release packages from here. It also provides bug trackers, and official releases. The mailing lists are still at SourceForge

Depending on your OS, appropriate packages may be available from the vendor (be it RPM, deb, ports, or another system vendor-specific packaging system). If there is, maybe you can try those first, although they tend to lag the main release so you may not get the latest version. See Vendor specific Tcllib packages for a list.

If you have tclkit or the packages needed to run starkits you can use tcllib.kit, a starkit based installer. If not, just download either the zip, gz or bz2 compressed files.

The main website for the Tcl/Tk comunity has a page for Tcllib as well, this is http://www.tcl.tk/software/tcllib/ .

Additionally, ftp://www.tcl.tk/pub/tcl/nightly-cvs/ is a source for snapshots of the library.

Tcllib (and everything it contains) is also included as a part of the ActiveTcl Batteries Included distribution as well as other distributions, such as kitten.

Documentation for each module is available at

To checkout Tcllib from Fossil:

You need the fossil SCM command from www.fossil-scm.org, put it in your path.

Change to a temporary working directory and clone the repository:
 fossil clone http://core.tcl.tk/tcllib tcllib.fossil

Now you have a clone of the fossil repository, to get at the files use:

 C:\dev>md tcllib
 C:\dev>cd tcllib
 C:\dev\tcllib>fossil open ..\tcllib.fossil

 mkdir tcllib
 cd tcllib
 fossil open ../tcllib.fossil

To see what branches are available, either use the fossil ui, or look at the output of:
 $ fossil branch ls --all

The aforementioned Sourceforge project is also the official home for other efforts, namely: