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Here is a page for Tcl bloggers to get listed. Please add your blog and its RSS feed here.

DL Perhaps we could categorize this page into three parts. First, are the blogs strictly relevant to this community. (This could include more general blogs on programming, scripting, UI issues, etc that sometimes use Tcl to illustrate a point.) Next would be the blogs that occasionally mention Tcl, such as a personal blog. Finally, would be blogs that are of interest because of who is writing them and their relationship to the Tcl community.

Blogs about Tcl or about Tcl-related issues

Bryan Oakley 29-Jan-2006 is throwing his hat into the blog ring with http://www.tclscripting.com/ . This website is solely dedicated to tcl and tk programming.

See also http://www.kocjan.org/it-and-computers/tclmentor.html .

dai blogs at http://blog.got7.org

WJG Blogging about Gnocl development... http://wjgiddings.blogspot.com

[Durgaram Arunachalam] blog at http://www.durganadar.blogspot.in


Blogs that occasionally mention Tcl or Tcl-related issues

davidw I have a journal (I can't stomach the word blog - it sounds like a smelly thing fished out of the sewers) at http://journal.dedasys.com/ that's about "computer stuff".

EF My blog, called em-brof [1] has been alive for a rather long while now. There aren't too many exciting things there, but maybe someone will find it interesting anyhow. From time to time, I reflect things I discover in this wiki, on my own or through the Tcl-URL!.

MC blogs at http://blog.cleverly.com/

Todd Coram blogs about his EFX Content Management System (which is mostly written in Tcl) at http://www.maplefish.com/todd/blog/ . Warning, I often vacillate between Tcl and other languages (but I keep seem to come back to Tcl ;-)

Kevin Walzer blogs at http://www.codebykevin.com/blosxom.cgi

David Welton writes at http://journal.dedasys.com/ - http://journal.dedasys.com/articles/2006/03/06/ruby-vs-tcl is the first of several articles he has written ... this one compares Ruby and Tcl.

BMA writes at http://codeaholic.blogspot.com/ . He writes at other places too, but they never mention Tcl at all.

Mark Roseman blogs at http://blog.markroseman.com/ ; as well as blogs about the Tcl-based CourseForum and ProjectForum wikis at http://blog.courseforum.com/ .

Chi Hung Chan blogs at http://chihungchan.blogspot.com/

Hai Vu blog's at http://wuhrr.wordpress.com/category/programming/tcl-programming/. I started using Tcl in my new job and try to keep my Tcl post coming often. The posts serve two purposes: to remind me and to teach other newbies.

[BALKANSOFT] I often use Tcl/Tk for different tasks, wrote some Tcl-based tools/programs; this is my blog where are posts about Tcl/Tk (under 'Tcl/Tk' tag): http://balkansoft.blogspot.com

ekd123 blogs at http://www.ekd123.org/tag/tcl/ (in Chinese 汉语 简体中文). I like talking about Tcl's new features and advanced use.

Blogs that never or rarely mention Tcl but are written by Tclers

davidw : I also have some writings about Italy at http://www.dedasys.com/padovachronicles/

KBK : And WHD blogs at http://foothills.wjduquette.com/blog

LV currently is updating http://www.xanga.com/lvirden/ on a regular basis.

SS blogs at http://www.invece.org/blog about Ragusa Ibla

Silas writes at http://silverpc.blogspot.com/

DRF - Is there a place for blog software written in Tcl?

LV Are you envisioning some sort of web site software? And I presume you mean something different than wikit, projectforum, etc.? I think that there is a place for something like that. Just in the past few weeks I've seen novice users asking how best to take a group of articles, or a group of photos, and turn them into a web site. Blogging software might be a solution for that sort of thing. And certainly there are plenty of software packages out there. But I think of puppy linux, for instance, where at one point the creator was attempting to locate as many packages build on tcl to keep the overall size of the distribution small and I can certainly see a benefit in having something like this going. Was there any talk at the 2007 tcl conference on the topic of Tcl on Rails type framework, which might make creating things like blogs, etc. easier?