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Packet - Manipulate network packets

Directions to find it at Stu

Stu 2013-03-06 Packet has been brought back to life.

Packet [1] is the name of a "Tcl extension for manipulating network packets", written by Stuart Cassoff.

escargo 13 Jan 2006 (Friday the 13th) - Dead link.

lexfiend 07 Jun 2006 - The Internet Wayback Machine strikes again! [2]

''[mash] deaddd link!

Stu 2010-02-17 Packet has been pulled from public distribution and is currently under development with no slated release date. I'll be happy to provide a dev snapshot if anyone wants.

[ Explain what network packets are, and UDP and TCP (and others?), and how several other extensions, as well as the built-in socket, all have capabilities. ]

[ ... tclpcap, pktsrc, hping3, ... socket, ... TCP, UDP, ... ]