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Identifier: tclnettle
 Version: 0.1a0
 Title: TCL interface to NETTLE
 Creator: Marco Maggi
 Rights: GNU General Public License
 URL: http://web.tiscali.it/marcomaggi/software/
 Available: 2003-09-25
 Architecture: unix
 Subject: cryptography
 Subject: hash
 Subject: HMAC
 Description: a TCL interface to the NETTLE crypto library.

NETTLE is a cryptographic library supporting: some hash and HMAC algorithms (MD5, SHA1, SHA256); many block cipher algorithms (AES, CAST128, BLOWFISH, DES, DES3, SERPENT, TWOFISH); RSA/DSA public key signature algorithms and a random numbers generator (YARROW256).

TCLNETTLE provides access to the algorithms from both the TCL and C language levels, supporting the stub mechanism.

The TCLNETTLE interface for hash/HMAC algorithms is similar to the one provided by MHTCL, the TCL interface to the MHASH library.

The interface to Yarrow is not implemented, yet.

Link leads to a dead end nowadays. (2011-05-19) EF