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Hi, you can find my personal pages at http://www.equi4.com/jcw/, which is part of my company website at http://www.equi4.com/ - I can be reached at mailto:[email protected]

There's no need to explain Wikit here, since it has a page of its own. Nor the Metakit database, the Tclkit deployment package, the concept of a Starkit, or the Critcl build system. Good, so that's out of the way...

There are several places for discussion about both the content (Comments on the Tcl'ers Wiki), and the implementation of this site (Suggestions for Wikit). The whole idea of Wiki is fascinating, but can also be confusing (see Wiki Gripes).

Finding things in such a place as this can be, eh, challenging. I find the Search facility (with tips on Searching and bookmarking URLs on the Tcl'ers Wiki), the Recent Changes[1] list, and pages such as Tcl'ers and Acronym collection to be quite workable. Many new starting points will turn up in the New pages section, no doubt.

Pages I've set up recently (from end 2001 onward):